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By Nancy Stenson

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Basic Irish: A Grammar and Workbook offers a jargon-free creation to the main known grammatical buildings in the Irish language. targeting the repeated use of grammatical styles, this Workbook develops an realizing of the buildings offered, making the types regularly occurring and automated for learners.

This basic workbook includes:

  • terminology brought and defined with a number of examples
  • exercises within the grammatical types brought within the text
  • translation exercises
  • an workout key.

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The principal forms for singular nouns in each class are described below. Plural nouns will be discussed later. The first declension The first declension consists of masculine nouns ending in a broad consonant. These form their genitive by making the final consonant slender. Sometimes, a vowel also changes (ea to i, ia to éi). Final -ch becomes -igh: fear iasc sagart cupán éadach a man fish a priest a cup a cloth fir éisc sagairt cupáin éadaigh of a man of fish of a priest of a cup of a cloth The second declension Second-declension nouns are mostly feminine, ending in a consonant; they add the suffix -e in the genitive and slenderize final broad consonants.

Gen. Sing. Gen Pl. bean a woman teach a house dia a god lá a day leaba a bed deoch a drink deirfiúr a sister mí a month olann wool talamh land mná women tithe houses déithe gods laethanta days leapacha beds deochanna drinks deirfiúracha sisters míonna months – tailte lands mná of a woman ban of women tí of a house dé of a god lae of a day leapa of a bed dí of a drink deirféar of a sister míosa of a month olla of wool talaimh, talún (equally acceptable) of land Unit 6: Noun classes and cases 47 Double genitives Sometimes a noun may be followed by a series of two (or more) possessive nouns.

Athair uisce im father water butter an t-athair an t-uisce an t-im the father the water the butter This mutation does not apply to genitive (possessive) forms of masculine nouns nor to any feminine nouns: an t-uisce the water abhainn river blas an uisce an abhainn the taste of the water the river 26 Unit 4: Other mutations Summary table of initial mutations Lenition Nouns after an fem. masc. genitive na i(n) 2–6 ✓ 7–10 Adjectives after noun go Verbs past after go an ní Eclipsis tS t-vowel fem. masc.

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