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G. Myxococcus xanthus. Some Gm+ve bacteria including cocci are generally non-motile. BI 3206 Lecture notes 40 Gliding bacteria Morphologies of colonies formed by M . x anthus cells on rich medium after growth for five days     a) b) c) Myxococcus xanthus has two independent motility mechanisms: social motility and adventurous motility. To demonstrate these mechanisms, two combined mutations(a double-mutant) are needed. Because First mutation disrupts only social motility (an S mutation), whereas Second mutation disrupts adventurous motility (an A mutation).

Flagella, usually at the poles of the cells (for movement) and fimbriae or pili, smaller thread-like appendages, usually at multiple locations (function in attachment or conjugation). There is some evidence that flagellated cells produce larger lesions than non-flagellated mutants. 35 Categories of flagellation   Atrich/atrichous= No flagella, Monotrichous/Monotrich= single flagellum, Peritrichous/Peritrich= flagella all around, Amphitrichous/Amphitrich= flagella at both ends, Lophotrichous/Lophotrich= tuft of many flagella at one end or both ends.

Rings in the basal body rotate relative to each other causing the flagella to turn. Flagella can rotate: Clockwise (CW): In peritrichous cells, flagella then become limp, cell tumbles or twiddle. Countercloskwise (CCW): Flagellar bundle then becomes rigid, cell runs. Rotor is always spinning one direction or other Some bacteria are motile w/o flagella. Gliding motility: Depends upon contact with a solid surface, it moves slowly across surfaces, involves sulfurcontaining lipids. 48 Bacterial motility Speed of movement     How fast do bacterial cells move?

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