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As the next chapter shows, that realization correlated roughly with changes in the international environment that made nuclear and conventional threats to Australia much less likely, and Australia ended up not actually needing END. Up until 1968, many senior policy-makers did not feel Australia was an integral part of the US nuclear umbrella, even in spite of the fact that the Menzies government had approved the construction of the US naval communications station at North West Cape in 1963, which would “formally” bring Australia into the US global deterrent system.

I would have great fear even if de Gaulle or someone like him obtained the bomb. ”19 A prominent member of the Labor Party declared: What we need today is men with developed minds who can handle atomic weapons. We need atomic men as well as atomic weaponry . . To place atomic bombs in everybody’s hands . . ”20 It is interesting to note that neither India nor Pakistan’s nuclear activities seem to have made a big impact on Australian attitudes during this period. The 36 ● Australia and the Bomb discovery that India was embarking on a nuclear weapons program generated some incredulity in Canberra.

Our objective at this ANZUS Council meeting should be . . to continue to build up a general atmosphere designed to discourage a resort to force. 73 Nonetheless, he continued to issue public statements that the alliance with the United States afforded Australia adequate general protection in the event of a confrontation with another Asian power. Part of the issue about deterrence as a concept being unclear was the idea at the time of what constituted the “Australian context,” since Canberra believed that contributing to Empire defense through a forward defense strategy would itself contribute to the defense of Australia.

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