New PDF release: Aurrera!: A Textbook for Studying Basque

By Linda White

ISBN-10: 087417726X

ISBN-13: 9780874177268

A beginning-level textual content within the Basque language

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She’s) a student. 4. Blacky is a dog. Blacky is not a student. 29 30 to be or not to be 5. Jose is a lawyer. (He) is a man. 6. Txema is a boy. (He) is a child. 7. Brandon is also a boy. But he’s not a child. He’s a student. In English we cannot omit the subject pronoun. For that reason, they will be supplied in English equivalents, even if t hey are missing in Euskara. The parentheses around pronouns above serve as a reminder that they did not appear in the Basque sentence. 8. Katie is a girl.

Triste Zu triste zaude. lotan Zu lotan zaude. haserre Zu haserre zaude. eserita Zu eserita zaude. Model: Ama ez dago pozik. Mother is not happy. Cues: haserre Ama ez dago haserre. hilik Ama ez dago hilik. gaixorik Ama ez dago gaixorik. nekatuta Ama ez dago nekatuta. lanpetuta Ama ez dago lanpetuta. act iv it y 2 . 4 ■ p lu r al of ego n This activity focuses on the plural forms of egon. Notice that the words we use with egon do no t carry plural markers. Read through the drills first, always aloud, and then cover the right-hand column and use the cues to reproduce the model with the suggested substitutions.

The first question is asked in four different ways, all of them correct variations. This drill concentrates on first and second persons (you, I, you [plural], we). 1. Apaiza zara? Apaiza al zara? Zu apaiza zara? Zu apaiza al zara? 2. Ots ogizona zara ? 3. Neska al zara? 4. Mutila al zara? 5. Legegizona al zara? 6. Sumingarria al zara? 7. Zuek aspergarriak al zarete? 8. Ban piroak zarete ? 9. Zuek ikasleak zarete? 10. Irakasleak al zarete? 6 ■ t h ir d pe rson Write out responses to the following questions.

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