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Equipped upon an unparalleled quantity of entry to PLO records, legitimate courses, and the interior files of assorted guerrilla teams, in addition to over 400 interviews performed by means of the writer with the rank-and-file of the PLO, this groundbreaking booklet presents a definitive account of the Palestinian nationwide circulate. overlaying completely the forty-five years among the institution of the nation of Israel in 1948 to the PLO-Israel accord of 1993, this examine sheds a lot new mild at the background of the center East within the latter half the 20 th century.

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Israel was indisputably important as a defining focus of Palestinian nationalism, but it performed this function as a remote, impersonal target, at least until 1967, when it seized the West Bank and Gaza. Until then its inner social workings and political processes remained unknown to most Palestinians, and to all but the intelligence services of neighbouring Arab states. 43 Much the same could be said of the attitude of most Israeli parties towards the Palestinians, but the point is that it was the encounter with Arab states and societies that exerted the most powerful influence on the 'world outlook' of Palestinian activists.

Wihdat) unit al-Wihda Unity wisaya tutelage wujaha' elders, prominent figures yishuv the Jewish community in mandate Palestine zakat tithe zawat the rich MAP i. Israel, West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the Arab 'confrontation' states, borders of 4 June 1967 MAP 2. Jordanian Conflict, 1970-71 MAP 3. The Lebanese Conflict and Syrian intervention, 1976 MAP 4. Beirut, 1976-82 MAP 5. Israeli Invasion of South Lebanon, March 1978 MAP 6. Israeli Invasion of Lebanon, 1982 MAP 7. Palestinian Civil War, Tripoli, November-December 1983 GENEALOGICAL DIAGRAM OF PALESTINIAN ORGANIZATIONS This page intentionally left blank Introduction A Historical Framework Roots of Conflict The 1947-8 war marked the end of a lengthy chapter in the conflict between Arab and Jew for possession of Palestine.

31 Besides, mandate legislation passed in 1929-30 deprived local entrepreneurs of any protection from British businessmen, who were granted completely equal commercial status in the country. 32 The middle class faced additional competition from members of the old elite, who held what high-ranking civil service posts were open to Arabs (and many lower posts too) and utilized their advantages to engage actively in the economic enterprises that burgeoned during the war years. In contrast to their behaviour in other colonial states, the British did not direct key resources or official posts to the middle class in order to co-opt it and help establish its social control.

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