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In regards to the 3 strains That Strike Key issues: a proof of Thorough reduce With Direct Crossing Woven In through Dodrupchen III, Tenpa’i Nyima

The Dodrupchens are famous as one of many major holders of the Longchen Nyingthig lineage. the 1st Dodrupchen, Jigmey Thrinley Ozer used to be an instantaneous disciple of Jigmey Lingpa. After spending a long time with Jigmey Lingpa, he back to East Tibet and confirmed a monastery at Dodrupchen. The 3rd Dodrupchen declared that he may write broadly to be able to offer help for transmission of the lineage. Later, he used to be recognized in particular for his writings in help of the system.

The textual content right here features a educating given whilst he used to be relatively younger and indicates the level to which he understood the depths of the approach even at that early age. He was once requested to offer a few explanation of Garab Dorje’s 3 traces educating and this article is the outcome. this article of the Dodrupchen’s is very attention-grabbing since it was once no longer integrated within the unique accumulated Works of this Dodrupchen yet was once came upon a lot later and integrated merely in fresh variants of the accumulated Works.

The 3 strains instructing is without doubt one of the major ways in which Dzogchen view is transmitted nowadays. the 3 traces educating is largely a educating on Thorough minimize. this is often sincerely noticeable from Patrul’s rationalization of the educating in his textual content known as function of the fantastic, professional King. in truth, Patrul’s textual content is a pithy presentation of how that the Dzogchen lineage transmits the that means of Garab Dorje’s 3 Lines.

Dodrupchen’s rationalization of the 3 strains instructing is very fascinating simply because, as he himself says, the instructing doesn't keep on with the time-honoured kind of clarification of Garab Dorje’s educating. it truly is transparent from examining the textual content that Dodrupchen was once explaining the topic from his personal consciousness. This makes the textual content a very fascinating supplement to a textual content like Patrul’s characteristic of the specialist, wonderful King and we'd strongly suggest that the 2 be learn together with one another. furthermore, Dodrupchen’s motives disguise details that aren't lined or now not truly lined in Patrul’s textual content. it really is for those a variety of purposes that Lama Tony felt that this article might be translated and further to PKTC’s number of texts made particularly for the sake of Dzogchen practitioners.

One of the beneficial properties of the transmission of Dzogchen in Tibet, as Lama Tony has skilled it in my view, is that the educating of Thorough reduce isn't relatively divorced from the instructing of Direct Crossing (thogal). as a result, it really is no shock that Dodrupchen doesn't cease in simple terms with a proof of Thorough minimize during this booklet yet maintains by way of exhibiting the way it connects to Direct Crossing after which offers a quick instructing at the details of Direct Crossing.

The e-book includes the Dodrupchen’s textual content in English. It contains broad notes from Lama Tony to explain tough issues within the textual content, an entire word list to assist make clear the that means of the original terminology of the process, and the Tibetan textual content to boot.

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These paths that, in the beginning, work the key points of the channels, winds, and so on simply to make luminosity great-bliss wisdom manifest are extremely rapid but also have many flaws, such taking a long time to arrive at final attainment, and so on. This path of Great Completion needs familiarization to be done for a long time, so that to begin with, the good qualities of the path signs are produced in mind. Therefore, it does take a little longer than the other but, when the wisdom that comes from the familiarization has been produced in the mindstream, from the perspective of many factors such as the long time that the others take to get to vastness72, and so on, this path is quicker and more 72 The other paths are fast to start with because they have the means to manifest great bliss wisdom very quickly.

55 As before, ““interest”” implies samsaric mind. 22 ABOUT THE THREE LINES 3. Assurance Built on Liberation Of the three types of meditation, best, middling, and least, the best meditation is like throwing a stone at a lion. When a stone is thrown at a lion, the lion is not driven off but turns on the stone thrower with his retaliation, meaning that the stone will not be thrown again. Similarly, the best meditation does not follow after discursive thought when it suddenly erupts, but causes the agent behind the shining forth of the discursive thought to remember himself so that he apprehends himself all of a sudden and then, whatever discursive thoughts arise, they are sent on into self-liberation.

The thing itself, rigpa of the empty side, is called ““alpha purity, Thorough Cut’’s rigpa””. The offput, rigpa of the appearing side is called ““spontaneous presence Direct Crossing’’s rigpa vajra chains””. The liveliness is called ““the lamp of self-arising rigpa”” or, from the aspect of the outpouring of words and meaning from the expanse, is called ““the lamp of self-arising prajna””. All three of these in this context here are given the term ““rigpa””. The appearance experiences that are the appearance part of Direct Crossing and the knowledge experiences that are the rigpa of Thorough Cut are only ever classed as two things 75 For shining forth, see the glossary.

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