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Teiwa is a non-Austronesian ('Papuan') language spoken at the island of Pantar, in japanese Indonesia, positioned simply north of Timor island. It has approx. 4,000 audio system and is extremely endangered. whereas the non-Austronesian languages of the Alor-Pantar archipelago are basically relating to one another, as indicated through the numerous obvious cognates and the very comparable pronominal paradigms stumbled on around the staff, their genetic courting to different Papuan languages continues to be arguable. situated a few 1,000 km from their putative Papuan buddies at the New Guinea mainland, the Alor-Pantar languages are the main far-off westerly Papuan outliers. A grammar of Teiwa provides a grammatical description of 1 of those 'outlier' languages. The publication is dependent as a reference grammar: after a normal creation at the language, it audio system and the linguistic state of affairs on Alor and Pantar, the grammar builds up from an outline of the language's phonology and be aware sessions to its greater grammatical parts and their mutual kinfolk: nominal words, serial verb buildings, clauses, clause combos, and data constitution. whereas many Papuan languages are morphologically complicated, Teiwa is sort of analytic: it has just one paradigm of item marking prefixes, and one verbal suffix marking realis prestige. different typologically attention-grabbing gains of the language comprise: (i) the presence of uvular fricatives and forestalls, that's peculiar for languages of jap Indonesia; (ii) the absence of trivalent verbs: transitive verbs choose a unmarried (animate or inanimate) item, whereas the extra player is expressed with a separate predicate; and (iii) the absence of morpho-syntactically encoded embedded clauses. A grammar of Teiwa is predicated on basic box info, amassed through the writer in 2003-2007. a range of glossed and translated Teiwa texts of assorted style

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Occupation in 2003-2004: student. Other languages besides Teiwa: Indonesian/Malay, some English. Language used when in Kalabahi: Indonesian/Malay. Both parents are Teiwa speakers. Used Teiwa with his parents and siblings in Pantar when he visits them occasionally. Mr Justus Wa’ang (1957) [only remotely related to M. Wa’ang]. Place of birth: Madar. Stayed in Madar almost all of his life. Schooling: Senior high school (SMA, 1984). Lived and worked in Kupang (Timor) from 1984-1988. Current occupation: Farmer.

3). The language has only one verbal derivational prefix: applicative un-, which is no longer productive (Ch. 12). 30 1. Introduction Teiwa nouns do not inflect for number, gender or case. The person and number of a possessor is expressed with a prefix on the possessed noun, as in (6) and (12) above. Alienable and inalienable possession are distinguished: in alienable possession, the possessor prefix is optional, in inalienable possession, it is obligatory. When a possessor is emphasized, a long pronoun is used for an alienable possessor and a short one for an inalienable possessor (Ch.

Description of the consonants The fricatives /ȇ, v/ are low in frequency. The pairs in (1) demonstrate the phonemic contrast between them, but evidence for their separate phonemic status is limited, as the voiced fricative /v/ only occurs in about 10 words in my word list of over 1300 items. The allophones of /v/ are [v] and [f]. The voiceless counterpart of this sound is the bilabial fricative /ȇ/. The allophones of this latter sound are [ȇ] and [p]. In the orthography, [ȇ] is represented as f, following the preference of Teiwa speakers.

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