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By David E. Watters

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This can be a finished grammatical documentation of Kham, a formerly undescribed language from west-central Nepal, belonging to the Tibeto-Burman language kinfolk. The language has an strange constitution, containing a couple of features which are of speedy relevance to present paintings on linguistic thought, together with break up ergativity and its demonstrative procedure. Its verb morphology has implications for the knowledge of the background of the full Tibeto-Burman relatives. The ebook, in accordance with wide fieldwork, offers copious examples through the exposition. it is going to be a necessary source for typologists and basic linguists alike.

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The rhotic liquid /r/ is a flapped consonant [4] word initially, and trilled [r] word finally. ] word finally. There are no consonant clusters with /r/ or /l/ as the second member. ’ ii. Glides The glides /y/ and /w/ occur both syllable initially and as the second member in complex onsets like /py/, /kw/, etc. The glide /y/ is phonetically equivalent to [i] or [e], and /w/ is equivalent to [u] or [o]. Here I present the two glides /y/ and /w/ as consonantal onsets. 4 on the syllable. 6 ‘trail, road’ ‘to give’ ‘to sell’ ‘worry’ ‘about’ ‘right hand’ Aspiration Aspiration occurs with stops and affricates, but only with the voiceless series /ph/, /th/, /kh/, and /ch/.

Though all three occur in syllable-initial and syllable-final positions, there is a general tendency in Takale Kham for final *-n and *-0 to erode, being replaced by nasalization on the preceding vowel, and in some cases, modification of the vowel itself. This is shown in table 3. Table 3. Final *-• and *-n in three Kham dialects –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Takale Mahatale Sheshi gloss a. proto *-• s~î: si≥ si≥ ‘tree, wood’ c~o:cu≥cu≥‘alight, perch’ h~a: ha≥ ha≥ ‘cliff’ b.

Hence, no word can consist of a single short syllable. This is not a problem in most cases; most words, because of obligatory affixation, are polysyllabic and therefore necessarily polymoraic, as in the following: (18) a. si-ke b. ge-ba-ke ‘he died’ ‘we went’ A potential problem arises with the class of monomoraic morphemes that can occur without affixation – noun roots and particles. Particles, however, are phonologically 6 This rule does not apply to polysyllabic words in which all the morphemes are one syllable, one mora long.

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